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I am a stay-at-home military wife currently living in Italy. J.E. Creations is my adventure into the world of photography...

Flower Fields and Maternity Photos


I absolutely love maternity sessions, and love even more when my soon to be moms are up for anything! When Lindsey told me she wanted something awesome for her photos, this was the idea that popped into my head! It turned out exactly like I had imagined and I couldn’t be happier with the final product!!Lindsey06

If you follow me on Facebook, you may remember seeing this photo there. It has quickly become my new favorite so I had to share here as well!!


Oh my goodness, the twins I photographed back in March were absolutely perfect! I am finally getting around to editing their session, and fell in love with the photos all over again!

McAlister05 McAlister09

Aren’t they absolutely precious?! They ROCKED their session!


Catching Up

Oh my was February a crazy month! All sorts of newborn/maternity/cake smash sessions at the beginning of the month, and then my sister came to visit mid-month until the beginning of March!! Now here I am, mid March, trying to catch up on everything from February! I’ve got a few blog posts planned, but have to get through all the photos before I can post them!

Street Performer in Florence, ItalyMy sister and I had quite the adventure, so hopefully I get a chance to post about our trips soon! (Photo above is a street performer we saw in Florence!)


Lunch With A View

Posting from my phone seemed to go well the other day, so let’s do it again! Currently I am sitting on a train traveling from Firenze (what us Americans know as Florence) back to Venezia (Venice) and then home to Aviano. Yesterday my sister and I took a day trip from Firenze to Pisa to see the famous leaning tower! We found a great place with pizza for lunch, shared a bottle of Chianti, and enjoyed our view!

20140225-023833 pm.jpg
While in Pisa, we also visited the Duomo (cathedral), Camposanto (cemetery), and Battistero (baptistery). The acoustics in the baptistery are phenomenal, and at regular intervals throughout the day a guy comes in and does an echo demonstration. (I took a video of it, and am trying to share it here. Having issues from my phone though, so hopefully I can upload it once I’m home! It’s definitely better in person though, so if you ever find yourself in Pisa be sure to check it out!)

Having a blast in florence

This is my first time posting from my phone, so let’s see how well this goes!!My sister came to visit, so we took off to Florence and Pisa for a few days! Left the laptop at home, so for now I only have cell pics, better ones to come later!

20140223-062925 pm.jpg
Today we saw the statue of David, and tomorrow we’ll see the famous leaning tower.

On a side note: I recently started using Instagram! Follow me there (jecreations) to join us on our travels!

Giulietta & Romeo Verona Half Marathon–COMPLETE!!

half marathon

I DID IT!! I am happy to announce that I finished my very first half marathon! There was a 3 hour time limit, and I made it in 2:52:42! Walked a little bit more than I wanted to, but my goal was to finish…so mission accomplished! My goal for the next one will be to finish without walking!

half marathonMy super awesome friend Sarah went with me to cheer me on, take photos, and drive me home! I was really glad I didn’t have to drive myself the 2 hours home, and had some awesome photos to share! :)

How Is It Almost Feb 16 Already?!!

This is me, not sleeping, 4 nights before my first half marathon! If I’m already unable to sleep, I can’t even begin to imagine how much worse it will be Saturday! I’m very nervous/excited/terrified, all at the same time. Right now my goal is to make it over that finish line in the time given—I’m not a very fast runner, and I only get 3 hours to run all 13.1 miles! If you think about it, send lots of good vibes my way Sunday morning, 10 am Italy time!!

Making Lemonade out of Lemons: Getting the Perfect Photo of a Toddler

Inspiration struck me, I had the perfect vision in my head, and knew the perfect little two-year old for that vision. Unfortunately the photo I pictured in my head never came to be, as toddlers tend to NEVER do what you want them to do, when you want them to do it. This photo was the closest we got:

Mom's ShoesYou won’t see me complaining though! Because what happened next was pure magic! We played, we danced, we wore rain boots. Little miss Alli was about as cute as she could be!

rain boots