Faiza’s Maternity Session

A storm was coming as I went to meet with Faiza and her family for her maternity photos, so the session went a lot quicker than they usually go, in hopes of finishing before the down pour. The thunder and lightning indicated it was time to leave, but thankfully this gorgeous shot of Faiza was captured first!!



Levi’s Newborn Session




Annalysa Turns 1: A First Birthday Cake Smash Session!


This is one of my absolute favorite kiddos! (Her mom is pretty fabulous as well, and an amazing friend!!) She has the most amazing expressions every time I photograph her, and editing her photos always brings smiles to my face.


Anna is not a big fan of getting dirty, so getting frosting all over her hand didn’t go over very well…


We may have needed to give up on the cake pretty early, just to keep her somewhat happy…


But oh my gosh, isn’t she absolutely precious!

This Little Preemie Is Not So Little Any More!


This little guy was born at only 27 weeks. He’s a fighter though, and at 4 months, I talked mom into letting me photograph him! He’s absolutely adorable, and perfect in every way, and even gave me a bunch of smiles!


Liliana Turns 1! A Fun Cake Smash Session


Cake smash sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorite kinds of sessions! Of course, when you have a fun little girl like Liliana, what’s not to love?!


She’s definitely one of the messier kids I’ve had, and she was oh so much fun! We couldn’t keep her away from the cake if we tried!


That is, until she found…


balloons! Oh the mess she made :) Happy birthday Liliana!

Why Do Only 1 Year Olds Get a Cake Smash?!


So I have these three awesome amazing friends. Two of them have the most adorable one year old girls. One day, when the three of us were hanging out, the two friends and I were excitedly talking about their daughters upcoming cake smash sessions! The third friend (who happens to have an adorable two year old boy, and precious newborn baby girl…although at the time of the conversation she was still pregnant) chimed in with “why do we only do cake smashes for first birthdays?! I mean, why can’t I have one for my 28th birthday?!” We all decided it was a wonderful idea, and that it would not be wise to stand between a pregnant lady and cake! The following photos are the result of that conversation :)




Remember the cute two year old I mentioned?! He decided to get in on the cake eating too!



Sadly (for me at least) this friend is now back in the states, so I won’t get to do her newborn photos, but I’m so glad we got to do a cake smash session!

Would YOU do a cake smash photo shoot?! Let me know in the comments!

Running On Vacation


I’m super excited, because a couple girlfriends and I are currently visiting a very good friend of ours that is stationed in Germany! Most of today was spent traveling, but I did manage to fit in a short 2 mile run before the sun went down! WOW! The views were amazing!! It was nice having a complete change of scenery for today’s run!

Tomorrow we leave for Amsterdam. If all goes as planned, I’ll be updating my travels on Instagram at least daily. If you’d like to come along, be sure to follow @JECreations !