I finally made it to the sewing club!!

I have about a million great ideas of projects to share with you, and of course I had the week from hell. Thanks to being sick and helping my hubby pack up for his training exercise, I got absolutely nothing that I had originally planned for the week done. So instead of sharing with you about the dress I’m making for a black and white party coming up at the end of the month, or any of the dozens of wonderful things I’m planning for a princess party I’m hosting next weekend, I’m going to share about the wonderful group of ladies I met this morning! (Don’t worry though, I’ll be talking about the dress and princess party in future posts) I’ve known about the sewing club on base for a little over a month now, and I’ve been planning on attending for a while. Of course, the only meeting before today that didn’t coincide with other plans or me being sick was cancelled due to snow (a whopping 1/2 inch of snow closed down the base, along with pretty much the entire town). I was super excited when I realized that I could actually go this time! They had started making casserole carriers at the last meeting, and most were finishing theirs up today, so I found some fabric to start my own with! We had a fabulous time talking and sewing, and I even learned something new!

If you would like to make your own casserole carrier, here is the tutorial we used, from 2 little hooligans.

Here is my awesome casserole carrier, almost got it finished I just need to add the straps!

Now, if you’re anything like me, you probably absolutely loathe sewing anything by hand. It’s time-consuming and I can NEVER get it to look nice. Apparently that’s because I never knew the “right” way to do it! It still takes longer than using the machine would, but with the stitch I learned today it is super easy to sew it shut, without any stitching showing! So now, armed with the knowledge of this wonderful new stitch, I can close all my pillows, quilts, casserole covers, etc. neatly!

Here’s how:

1. Use your sewing machine to sew the fabric, right sides together, leaving enough room between the start and end to flip the fabric right side out

2. Flip the fabric right side out, tuck the seam allowance from the hole in, and iron flat. By ironing this flat, you will have a nice straight line to use as your guide as you hand sew the hole closed.

3. Grab a needle and thread. Thread your needle. Tie a knot at the end, with both ends of the thread together.

4. Starting as close to the machine stitching as possible, pull the thread through the back fabric, starting from the fabric on the inside, and coming out on the creased line. You want to start on the inside so your knot doesn’t show in the finished product.

5. Directly across from where the thread came out on the back fabric, push the needle down along the crease on the front fabric, and coming back up along the same crease, moving in the direction you are sewing. Continue this step until the hole is closed, switching the side the needle goes down every time (your next stitch will be in the back fabric again).

6. When you are ready to tie off the thread, make a loop with the thread and put the needle through the center to create a knot. Try to get the knot as close to the fabric as possible. Tie another knot directly on top of the first knot.

7. Push the needle into the fabric close to the knot you just tied. (Do not worry about where the needle comes out, as long as you’re only going through one layer of the fabric)

8. Cut the thread close to the fabric, and you’re done!

What I somehow never realized before today: By hand sewing this way, all the long stitches end up on the inside of the fabric, so you don’t see the stitching! And by pushing the needle back through at the end after tying your knot, your thread ends all stay on the inside of the fabric.

Hopefully this is easy enough to follow. This is the first tutorial I’ve ever written up, and I wasn’t able to get as many good descriptive photos as I wanted. It’s amazing how hard it is to take pictures while you’re trying to sew. Fortunately my friend Katy lives right down the road! So, kudos to Katy for helping me take pictures, kudos to Mariah for teaching me how to hand sew a hole shut, and kudos to the wonderful laddies of the sewing club for a fun-filled day!

This coming weekend is my princess party, so look forward to hearing about that and my addiction to pinterest when I post next week!

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