Melted Crayon Art

Have you seen all the melted crayon art on pinterest? I have fallen in love with all the variations people have come up with, and was inspired this week to create my own!

What do you think?! I used a couple different methods to create this. To create your own, you will need a canvas, lots of crayons, tape, cardboard, a hot glue gun, and a hair dryer (I used my embossing heat tool, but a hair dryer will work just as well)

I started by pulling out all the green crayons (I ended up buying 7 of the 64-crayon boxes, which gave me a good mix of greens, and plenty of choices to get the exact mix I wanted) and then I added a few of the different browns and golds. Since I didn’t want the crayons in the final product, I found a cardboard pizza box, cut it to fit above the canvas, and taped it down. I also didn’t want the crayons to melt all the way to the edges, so I put a tape border around the canvas.

I then arranged the crayons in the order I wanted them in and used the hot glue gun to attach them to the cardboard. **TIPS- put down small strips of glue at a time, so it doesn’t harden before you try to attach the crayons. I ended up putting one strip of glue on the edge of the canvas, and one strip of glue on the cardboard, which was plenty to hold the crayons secure.

Once all the crayons were attached, I took everything outside, along with some paper bags to put around it in case of crayon splatter.

I then grabbed my handy-dandy embossing heat tool (it’s essentially the same thing as a hair dryer, except the end where the hot air comes out is smaller and a little more controlled, a hair dryer would work just as well, just be ready for more splatter from the crayons) and got to work melting those crayons! **TIPS- start at the tips of the crayons, and hold the hair dryer straight towards the crayons. I went a little below the crayons with the heat tool to mix up the colors there a little bit, but don’t follow the crayons all the way down, or tilt the hair dryer downwards, they will drip down on their own.

Once I was happy with the results, I removed the crayons and the tape, and flipped it right side up.

One of the other methods I came across on how to make crayon art was by putting the crayons through your hot glue gun. I figured this would be the perfect method to create the flowers! Unfortunately the crayons were barely too big to push through the part that pushes the glue stick through on my glue gun, so I pushed them through as best I could. Afterwards, with a little more research, I discovered that with the mini glue guns, you should remove the thing that pushes the glue through. I feel this would also work a lot better with a larger glue gun. If you try this method, be prepared to have crayons coloring your glue for a while, or purchase a second glue gun that will only be used for melting crayons. Keep in mind that it will take a few seconds for the crayon to melt, but once it does, it will splatter out of the glue gun if you’re not careful. You can see some of the splatter I had with the pink and purple in the final pic, especially underneath the flower on the right.

Overall, I am VERY happy with my results, and will definitely be making some more melted crayon art soon! After all, I do have 7 boxes of crayons still, and the only color they’re missing is green. Let me know how your crayon art turns out, or any tips/advice/techniques that you might have! (I am also taking suggestions on other ways to use crayons)

12 thoughts on “Melted Crayon Art

  1. I did a few crayon art paintings and loved them (mainly because I love the smell of crayons!) I’ll try to find them and post something on my blog on how we did them.

    • I would love to see yours! There are so many interesting variations on the crayon art, and I still have so many crayons left over, I definitely need to do some more experimenting with it!

  2. I like what you did ..I just wanted to share another method with you. I wore work gloves and held the crayon over the picture to create splatter art. By first placing a sticker over an area I wanted left white then melting the crayons on top and around the sticker. after it dried I removed the sticker and was left with a really cool design.

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