Learning to Crochet

It’s been a busy week, and I haven’t spent much time (or any) behind the sewing machine. I did however, take a little bit of time to teach myself how to crochet! I’ve seen too many cute projects on Pinterest that I would LOVE to make that involve crocheting, so I figured I better learn! While I used many different sites to figure out what I was doing, this granny square tutorial seemed to be the most helpful. And of course, after I figured it all out, I discovered this site. I haven’t looked at it much yet, but it seems to have everything you would need to learn!

What do you think of my very first granny square?! I think it turned out pretty good! Knowing how to knit already I think really helped me figure out crocheting. Be warned if you try to learn though, crocheting can be VERY addictive! I’ve made about a dozen of these squares already, and probably would’ve made more if my husband didn’t make me set it down and go to bed! Next on the list is to learn how to use more than one color of yarn, and then I’ll be ready to start trying all the neat projects I pinned on my Knitting/Crochet Board on Pinterest! Also, don’t forget to head over to (and “like”)  J.E. Creation’s Facebook Page to get all the latest updates from my crafting world!

Next week the plan is to start making cute little baby things for my brother-in-law and his wife who are expecting a baby girl! HOPEFULLY I’ll get the fabric I ordered soon so I can start making a triple Irish chain quilt, and then I also have an apron to make for one of my best friends from high school! So much to do, yet so little time!

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