Babies Galore

Today was a day for baby showers! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend my sister-in-laws baby shower, nor did I finish everything I had wanted to make for her in time for today, but I did spruce up a few onesies for her that made it in time!

Jenna made the perfect little model for me!  (Thank you Beth for letting me steal her) The tutu one is my favorite. I think I’m going to have to spruce up a few more onesies. Babies are so cute crawling around with fun stuff on their bottoms! AND they are super easy and quick to make! I also made a little hair clip, and then bought a few items for her.

Aren’t the mary jane socks so cute?! I bought a second set for one of the girls here that also had a baby girl. Just couldn’t help myself.

Like I said earlier, today was a day for baby showers! One of my friends here in Italy also had her baby shower today, and since she doesn’t live across the ocean from me, I actually got to go to hers! She’s the first friend in a while who’s having a baby boy, so it was exciting to get to look at all the boy clothes. AND baby Taylor got the cute sock monkey I wrote about earlier this week.

Now if only I could talk Ben into letting me have a baby of my own. One day :)

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