A Purpose For My Paper Pieced Block

I am really good at creating projects, while having absolutely no idea what it will end up being. For instance, when I decided to give paper piecing a try I knew I would do SOMETHING with that very first paper pieced block eventually, but didn’t know it would become the pocket on an apron until after the block was done.

I had thought about making it into a pillow or creating more blocks to make a small quilt, but both required materials I didn’t have, and the quilt was more time-consuming than I wanted. So, I made the apron! I should probably find someone to give it to though, otherwise I’ll end up with a million aprons at home. Not that I would mind, but I really just don’t need that many aprons.

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6 thoughts on “A Purpose For My Paper Pieced Block

    • Thanks! And there are lots of great options for your paper pieced blocks. I was also thinking of making a throw pillow, and a friend of mine made a bag out of one of her blocks!

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