Hats for Hope

It always amazes me how willing a community will come together to help those in need. Recently, one of the ladies here in Italy posted in a group on facebook asking if anyone would be willing to crochet/knit hats that she could send to the hospital in Indiana where her friend, a 15 year old girl named Hope, is currently undergoing chemotherapy. The idea is to not only show support for her friend, but to provide hats for all the kids currently being treated there. What a wonderful idea! She received such an incredible response not only from crocheters and knitters willing to make hats, but also from those who don’t know how to crochet or knit, but willing to donate yarn for others to use. Others offered to make cards to send as well. In spite of tragic events currently happening around the world, this is the type of thing that renews my faith in the goodness of others.

Several hours were spent in the car this past weekend, so I made good use of the time and crocheted a couple of hats to send. Thankfully, the day before our road trip I was able to meet up with some fellow crocheters and better understand how to create a hat. These hats will actually fit someone!

In what ways have YOU seen communities come together to help others?

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