I Need A Packing List!

The hubby and I went to Lake Bled in Slovenia this past weekend for Bled Days. We had a really good time, despite the trip starting out on such a horrible foot! It was pouring rain from the second we arrived. Fortunately for me, I had my umbrella in my purse. Unfortunately for Ben, his umbrella was at home. It was also slightly on the chilly side. Fortunately we did think about grabbing sweaters as we headed out the door, unfortunately all Ben had to wear was shorts. And while we’re talking about things left at home, Ben forgot to grab his camera! I had mine, but the battery was starting to get low, and I left the charger at home! So we started the trip out with some shopping, and at least found an umbrella for Ben. We then strolled along the lake, and a swan swam right up to us, posed and waited for me to take its picture! It was too perfect! Up until I tried taking said picture, and realized I never put the memory card back into the camera…

Fortunately we found the correct memory card for my camera at a store close by, and the swan came back again, giving me a second chance at taking its picture. Even though the day started off rough, we were able to make the best of it, I refrained from looking at pictures after I took them, and the battery lasted the entire trip! The best part of Bled Days is the night, when they light thousands of floating candles on the lake, and have a short fireworks show. The whole reason we went was to take pictures of it. I would have been devastated if the battery died before the show!

We are definitely planning on going again next year, and to prevent us from forgetting everything again, my next project is going to have to be to make a packing list. One that we can reuse on every trip we go on.

What items would be at the top of your packing list?

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4 thoughts on “I Need A Packing List!

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I can totally relate because I think I’m a terrible packer. I always either overpack, so my suitcase is heavy, or I under pack and I end up cold. Top of my packing list, would be long pants (jeans), shorts or skirt, lightweight sweater or long sleeve shirt in case it’s chilly, comfie shoes, toiletries, iPhone and camera. I always try to make sure the batteries for my electronics are fully charged the night before we leave. But I did run out of room on my memory card on a trip to China so I had to buy another one. My brother in law keeps a packing list for every trip he takes.

    • We’re really good at quickly filling up memory cards…if it’s a longer trip (as in a week or more) our laptops are a definite must, just so we can unload the memory card!

  2. I really wanted to go to the Bled nights to see the floating lights, think the girls would have loved them, but didn’t have the money to stay over night. Next year for sure!
    Top of my packing list is always a fully charged camera, however I have left my memory card at home before… not fun!

    • Unfortunately I’ve recently gotten really good at forgetting the memory card….I hope you get the chance to go next year! It’s definitely a beautiful site to see

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