Crochet Fail

I’ve crocheted several hats recently, and they’ve all turned out pretty good. So today, as I was sitting on the couch watching some of the Olympics, I figured I’d try something new. Found a cute pattern for baby shoes, did exactly what the pattern said, and somehow something got messed up! Don’t know what I did wrong, but they just don’t look right.

SO, with that being said, does anyone have a super easy baby shoe crochet pattern? One that is impossible to mess up? Of course, the pattern I used wasn’t supposed to be a difficult one, so I guess the better question to ask is what advice do you have for a beginner crocheter when it comes to making baby shoes?

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5 thoughts on “Crochet Fail

  1. I’ve tried to make shoes before and they were messed up, too. It’s probably something to do with your count. Just try it again! You should post a pic. Maybe put a safety pin on the chain you start with that way you know exactly where it is on each row. Sometimes you count that chain and sometimes you don’t. Also, UK directions are one size off from US. I was making these little finger puppets one day and I couldn’t figure out why they were so big. Turns out the directions were for UK crocheting.

  2. I tried to learn crochet from my grandmother (who did amazing work) but I just never could get going. How did you start to learn it? Is there a book or something, or would it be best to find a teacher?

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