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365 Project-Day 340

I am a stay-at-home military wife living the dream in Italy! I have a passion for photography, and am so thankful for the people in my life that have helped teach me how to use my camera in ways I never imagined. In addition to loving photography, I also love to sew, crochet, bake, and travel. I am sure at some point, a little bit of all of this will find it’s way onto my blog, with a (hopefully) amazing photo or two (taken by me) to go with it!

My current passion with photography is Maternity and Newborn photos!! My goal is to have a maternity/newborn photography business when we make it back to the states, but for now I’m just experimenting and having a little bit of fun!

I do hope you will stay a while, and join me on my adventure in photography!

Where to find me on Social Media:

Pinterest- http://www.pinterest.com/jecreations1/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/JECreations

Instagram- http://instagram.com/jecreations

31 thoughts on “About Me

    • Not only is Italy very inspiring, but I also have a wonderful group of friendsu here who are incredibly inspiring as well….and I loved your pillows! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!

  1. Oh another military member! :) I never imagine I would find one so early in my blogging escapades! :) I hope I learn how to sew soon, so that I can follow your creations in my own house! :)

  2. Good luck with your 365! I started mine about 2 weeks after you. Your pictures are amazing! I look forward to reading more. :)

    • I shoot with a Nikon D5100, and my favorite lens is my 50mm…of course, it’s the only lens I have other than the kit lens, so it really isn’t hard to pick a favorite :) and yes, once I learned the basics to shooting in manual I haven’t shot in anything else! my best advice is to just keep practicing! (and stay out of auto!)

      • ahhhh I feel better.. FINALLY someone else with a 5100!! lol : )

        do you by any chance know if you can shut off the auto flash? can’t figure that out… :) I got a speedlight… but only have a week to figure it out….
        I actually got asked to shoot a very small wedding the day after Christmas, and I’m a wreck…lol I’ve never done anything like THAT before!
        you have no idea how excited I am you shoot with a 5100…lol it gives me hope!!! :)

      • if your flash is automatically popping up, I’m assuming you shoot in one of the auto settings? we need to fix that! when shooting in manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, or program mode, the flash will only pop up if you tell it to. if you’re not comfortable with manual mode, try using either aperture or shutter priority! first decide whether it’s more important to control your shutter speed or depth of field (I’d probably stick with shutter priority for people, esp if kids are involved…if you’re trying to get a nice shallow depth of field, play with aperture priority) definitely play with the speedlight before the wedding and make sure you’re comfortable using it! I can’t give you much help with the speedlight, but if you have any camera related questions feel free to ask away! (I’m still learning a lot of it as well, but I’ll help you the best I can!) I wish I could give you some good advice for photographing a wedding, but I’ve never done one! I hope, for your sake, the bride and groom are easy going! (I’m too terrified to try weddings, for fear of the bridezillas out there!) I guess my best advice would be to not stress too much, and make sure you know as much about your equipment as you possibly can before the big day! oh…and have fun! (it’s not worth doing if you’re not having fun!) I’m always excited to hear from other Nikon users! keep practicing, and learning, and you’ll be amazed at how much you improve! (also, keep an eye out for a series I’m planning on starting in the new year on using the manual mode on your camera! I’ll be starting with the super basics, and then showing you some awesome things you can do in manual!)

  3. I think I was probably in auto mode, when I was playing with my speedlight.. I was changing the settings, trying to see what it did.. I used to shoot in Ap priority… but forced myself into manual :) , but am still learning… I also HATE using flash… I love the capability of the 50 mm. and this camera in low light…
    I haven’t really used shutter priority…. to be honest.. SS is my weak point… for some reason, it’s my “block”, ya know.. the one thing that still confuses me sometimes…
    and even though I am terrified of doing this wedding.. lol.. I’m going to just do what I do,and have fun with it…I realize that it’s an awesome opportunity.. and I know I’m going to learn A LOT. I don’t really think I want to do weddings.. but it will be good experience…the bride and groom are really quiet, shy people, so it is going to be really small,with just friends and family…
    my only concern is the WB… and lighting… but it’ll be fine..she asked ME to do this.. and knows what i do.. so I’m just gonna go with the flow! lol :)

    • I LOVE the capabilities I have in manual! so glad to hear that’s what you shoot in! do you use any photo editing software? if you have problems with white balance, I’d highly recommend shooting in raw, or raw+jpeg, SO much easier to adjust white balance post-processing with the raw files!

  4. I have LR3 and PSE 10., but haven’t been able to spend the time learning the Elements yet…and I haven’t shot in Raw yet either.. I’m too scared! lol
    I’m afraid of how much space it takes up.. and I’ve read both sides .. the pro’s and con’s .. not sure yet about it.. :)

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